From consulting to procurement and from
packaging to dispatch – KSK project management

The automotive sector is one of the most competitive and innovate sectors in the global economy. Efficient production while simultaneously ensuring maximum quality assurance characterise its requirements. This also applies to industrial paints. The challenging objective of optimising processing times while implementing the best possible coating procedure for the respective unfinished part enabled us to grow our consulting expertise and experience and led to processes which are perfectly suited to the requirements of the automotive sector.

We use state-of-the-art simulation software in technical planning which allows us to program and optimise the coating process before the first component even gets into our equipment. We are happy to act as your procurement department for purchasing unfinished parts – providing you with all the advantages which are created by minimising production process interfaces. Our code of practice includes established standards in the automotive sector. In addition, we work according to the principles of manufacturer-specific management systems. We also offer production and procurement of unfinished and assembly parts in cooperation with a range of partners.

We can assist you with the smooth integration of components delivered by us into the manufacturers’ and/or suppliers’ production lines thanks to our expertise in developing packaging systems and transport frames.