In your system –
transparent at all times

As a medium-sized business with clear structures, KSK is characterised by a direct and personal communication culture. This also becomes apparent in the buildings, processes and systems at our Geilenkirchen location. It is, however, most obvious in the people who work for KSK. They know that outstanding quality cannot be achieved without ensuring a perfect interplay of communication and technical systems. The KSK quality management system started to follow international standards early on and has been perfected for the international automotive sector over more than two decades. It continuously delivers reports and therefore provides an ongoing, current overview of quality in production. Since many of our customers asked us to work with their systems, we also have equal experience in handling the QM and ERP systems of almost all leading manufacturers. This experience includes setting up interfaces, creating customer-specific reports, scheduling and inventory record-keeping via our customer’s systems. We will be delighted to discuss your requirements.