Do you know a company with more
than 300 QM representatives?

Many companies have quality management systems. However, there are differences as to how such systems are actually put into practice. Quality is the result of the decisions made in every area of a company. And the people at KSK make all of these decisions in full awareness that the quality of the attachment parts which are coated by us can influence the appearance of a car, truck and, therefore, an entire brand. The smallest detail makes the difference. This is the reason why high precision and convincing quality cannot only be ensured by a system, but that it is crucial that all members of staff in all areas of a company carry out their daily tasks with the utmost care. Over 300 members of staff make exactly that difference at KSK. They vouch for it with their name. By signing our campaign “Quality has a name. Mine.” with their names, they show our customers that all members of staff practice the KSK principles:

We at KSK…
… are flexible and responsible partners.
… are specialised, passionate service providers.
… practice quality in processes and products.